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Partner Districts: Carbon Cliff/Barstow SD #36 , Colona SD #190, East Moline SD #37, Hampton SD #29, Silvis School Distrit #34, United Township High School #30

Purpose: To collaborate on the transition to and implementation of the CCSS; to improve the horizontal and vertical alignment between and among the Partner Districts through the implementation of the CCSS.

Narrative: In June, 2010 the ISBE adopted new Math and English Language Arts standards for K?12 education known as the New Illinois State Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core.   Understanding that United Township High School was required to implement the CCSS immediately, it is essential that the elementary district move to the CCSS as soon as possible in order for students to be successful at UTHS. Furthermore, the 11-12 Kindergarten students will be the first students to take the new CCSS-based State assessment which will replace ISAT* in 2014-2015.  Therefore, UTHS and the five elementary districts that feed into it have joined together to develop and implement a common plan for transitioning to the CCSS.

On June 27 – 30, representatives from all grade-levels and districts met to analyze the CCSS, compare them to the old Illinois Achievement Standards, and identify where the biggest curricular shifts occur. Once the major changes in curriculum were exposed, the group identified the CCSS standards that would give the biggest traction on the transition to new CCSS. That set of standards – which came to be called the STAR STANDARDS – will be the CCSS focus for 2011-2012. All districts committed to implementing the STAR STANDARDS next year, with several district opting to go beyond and implement all the CCSS standards. 

The Partner Districts wish to thank Eagle Ridge School for so graciously hosting the event.





Allyson Bisby, CCB36 Allyson Bisby, CCB36  Amy Butcher, EMSD 37  Alison Rasko, CCB36
Amie King, EMSD 37 Amie King, EMSD 37  Amy Wisdom, CCB36  Amy Wisdom, CCB36
Amy Ahern, EMSD 37 Anthony Jacquin, CCB36  Anne Haverbeck, Silvis 34  Bonnie White, CCB36
Anthony Jacquin, CCB36 Ashley Hess, CCB36  Bonnie White, CCB36  Brittany Delcourt, Hampton 29
Ashley Hess, CCB36 Carole Downing, CCB36  Brittany Delcourt, Hampton 29  Davis Mumma, Silvis 34
Carole Downing, CCB36 Ellie Fry, Silvis 35  Calesia House, CCB36  Debbie Arnold, Silvis 34
Gail Staples, Silvis 34 Gus Hawbaker, EMSD 37  Caitlyn Berryhill, CCB36  Gina Escontrias, EMSD 37
Gus Hawbaker, EMSD 37 Heather Ferrell, Colona SD 190  David Mueller, EMSD 37  Jim Adamson, UTHS
Heather Ferrell, Colona SD 190 Irene Parker, Colona SD 190  Holly Schou, UTHS 30  Jim Adamson, EMSD 37
Irene Parker, Colona SD 190 Jamie Boore, CCB36  Jessica Bloomquist, UTHS 30  Laurie Brasche, Colona SD 190
Jackie Haut, Silvis 34 Jan Jackson, Colona SD 190  Jill Roselieb, EMSD 37  Luke Winders, EMSD 37
Jamie Boore, CCB36 Jane Bagby, Colona SD 190  Jodi Verbeck, Colona SD 190  Michelle Pustelnik, UTHS 30
Jan Jackson, Colona SD 190 Jen Erikson, EMSD 37  Kate Hamer, Silvis 34  Sue Stone, EMSD 37
Jane Bagby, Colona SD 190 Judith Wyse, EMSD 37  Katherine Palmer, EMSD 27  Tiffani Smith, Colona SD 190
Jen Erikson, EMSD 37 Julie DeBruyckere, CCB36  Kendra Newton, EMSD 37  
Judith Wyse, EMSD 37 June Detmer, CCB36 Laurie Brasche, Colona SD 190  
Julie DeBruyckere, CCB36 Kelly Larson, Colona SD 190  Mari Thomson, Silvis 34  
June Detmer, CCB36 Kelly Ronnebeck, EMSD 37  Sherry Lindell, Silvis 34  
Jyll Moore, Hampton SD 29 Kim Bultynck, Silvis 34  Terri VendeWiele, UTHS 30  
Kelly Ronnebeck, EMSD 37 Kim Pavelonis, Silvis 34  Victoria McKay, EMSD 37  
Kim Bultynck, Silvis 34 Konnie Fry, CCB36    
Kim Pavelonis, Silvis 34 Laurie Brasche, Colona SD 190    
Laurie Brasche, Colona SD 190 Linda Minas, Silvis 34    
Leslie Dahm, Silvis 34 Lindsey Jackson, EMSD 37    
Linda Minas, Silvis 34 Mandi Still, EMSD 37    
Lindsey Jackson, EMSD 37 Marie Sheraden, Colona SD 190    
Marie Sheraden, Colona SD 190 Mary Boster, Hampton SD 29    
Mary Boster, Hampton SD 29 Mary Rossmiller, Silvis 34    
Mary Rossmiller, Silvis 34 Melanie Hergert, Colona SD 190    
Melanie Hergert, Colona SD 190 Michele Smith, EMSD 37    
Michele Smith, EMSD 37 Nichole Stone, EMSD 37    
Nichole Stone, EMSD 37 Patti Anders, CCB36    
Patti Anders, CCB36 Paula Spencer, Silvis 34    
Paula Spencer, Silvis 34 P J Herbert, silvis 34    
Sarah Gates, Silvis 34 Sarah Gates, Silvis 34    
Tina Abbott, CCB36 Tricia Franke, EMSD 37    
Tricia Franke, EMSD 37 Valerie Schneider, CCB36    
Valerie Schneider, CCB36