Required Postings

The Illinois state board of education and the federal government require that certain information be posted for the public to view.  the documents below contain that information.


2017-2022 Custodial Maintenance Agreement 2017-2022 AFSCME Custodial Maintenance Agreement

Transportation Agreement

[2013-2017 AFSCME Transportation Department Agreement]
NEW - Transportation Agreement 2017-2022 AFSCME Transportation Department Agreement
2016 EMEA Agreement  [2016-2018 EMEA Collective Bargaining Agreement]
2017-2018 Original Budget
Stevens Amendment Citation
2013-2014 Compensation over $75,000
Administrator and Teacher Salary & Benefit Report
CHOICE and Supplemental Education Services
2014-2015 Administrator and Teacher Comp and Benefits Report FY14
IMRF Total Compensation Report
Contracts Exceeding $25,000 - 2016-2017
District Immunizations Summary