Required Postings

The Illinois state board of education and the federal government require that certain information be posted for the public to view.  the documents below contain that information.


Custodial Maintenance Agreement

2013-2017 AFSCME Custodial Maintenance Agreement
NEW - Custodial Maintenance Agreement 2017-2022 AFSCME Custodial Maintenance Agreement

Transportation Agreement

[2013-2017 AFSCME Transportation Department Agreement]
NEW - Transportation Agreement 2017-2022 AFSCME Transportation Department Agreement
2016 EMEA Agreement  [2016-2018 EMEA Collective Bargaining Agreement]
2016-2017 Final Budget
Stevens Amendment Citation
2013-2014 Compensation over $75,000
Administrator and Teacher Salary & Benefit Report
CHOICE and Supplemental Education Services
2014-2015 Administrator and Teacher Comp and Benefits Report FY14
IMRF Total Compensation Report
Contracts Exceeding $25,000 - 2015-2016
District Immunizations Summary