Welcome to Glenview 2017-18!

Another year is ready to begin, and I would like to take just a moment to let you know that our staff has been hard at work preparing classrooms, training on new techniques and materials, and learning new curriculum. There are many positive changes this year, but none more so than the change to our homework policy. It is our belief that the work we give students is very important, so much so that not completing it is simply not an option. As we prepare students for high school and beyond, what we learn builds the foundation for what lies ahead. Please take a moment and read the Student-Parent Handbook given to you at registration. There is important information for you and your child. Please pay special attention to the section on homework. Meaningful practice is a valuable tool teachers use to help students learn. Students will gain skills, and the good habits completing tasks on time teaches. Please take the time to go over this with your student.