Health Insurance

Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the current group health plan provider.

Please refer to the other attachments below for other important information regarding the health insurance plan. The website for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois is .  The listing of PPO network providers is also available through this website, or by clicking here:  (You will need to enter the group plan as a PPO.)

The Blue 365discount vision plan is part of the health insurance package.  Please see the attachments below for a listing of benefits.  A Blue 365 provider list can be found by going to

Click on Members then Open Enrollment. Towards the bottom of the page there is a box that says Open Enrollment and asks for a client code. Enter 4513 and press submit. On the next page there is a place to find a provider.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan  Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan Booklet for Participants
Blue365 Vision Discount Program A Schedule of Blue365 Benefits - A Benefit Available to You Through Your Health Insurance Plan
Laser Correction Information Information on the TruVision Laser Correction Benefit, Available as Part of Your Health Insurance Plan
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Mail Order Pharmacy Form See also: Blue Cross/Blue Shield Prescription Drug Coverage Summary for Additional Information on Mail Order Prescription Benefits
Preventive Care Guidelines Informational Brochure on Preventive Care Services
Essential Health Benefits Information Information From Blue Cross/Blue Shield on Essential Benefits
Young Adult Dependent Coverage A fact sheet for information on covering an adult child up to age 26
Affordable Health Care Act Information to Plan Participants  
Childrens' Health Insurance Program.pdf Information on the Childrens' Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA)
Notice of Women's Health and Cancer Right Act  Required Notice regarding women's health and cancer rights
Blue Cross Blue Shield Claim Form  
2017 Health Insurance Rates  
2017 Summary of Plan Coverage Summary of Benefit Coverage for 2017 Health Insurance Plan
HIPAA Notice of Special Enrollment Rights

A required notice regarding enrollment periods outside of Open Enrollment

HIPAA Privacy Notice A required notice regarding privacy rights
Annual Notice - Health Insurance Marketplace A required notice regarding coverage available under the Affordable Care Act
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Prescription Drug Coverage Summary Summary of prescription drug coverage
WHCRA Notice

Required Notice under the Womens' Health and Cancer Rights Act