Maintenance & Operations

Employment Opportunities

PHONE:  309-792-2887
FAX:       309-792-4637

It is the goal of the Custodial/Maintenance Department to provide safe, secure, and well-maintained facilities for all students and staff of East Moline School District.

 Our Custodial and Maintenance Department consists of 16 custodians, 2 maintenance employees, and a groundskeeper who all assist in the upkeep and maintenance of the schools, school grounds, and equipment in our buildings year round. We also employ a supply clerk who is responsible for ensuring that all employees have the supplies they need, delivering mail to all district buildings, and helping with food service deliveries.

Director of Maintenance and Operations - 
Jim Franks     


Director of Maintenance and Operations Assistant - 
May Ellen Kelley

Administrative Building - James Elliott
Bowlesburg Elementary - Don Lannen and Guillermo Raya
Hillcrest Elementary - Robert Gray and Ronald Rogers
Ridgewood Elementary - Brenda Stickler and Jesse Martinez
Wells Elementary - Dave Whittington and Terry Miller
Glenview Middle School - Joel Bjork, Jaime Cantu, Frances Cantu, Tom Bender, Mark Hoener, Donna Ross, and James Elliot
Maintenance Personnel - Steve Rea and Robert Schultz

Groundskeeper - Richard Shafer

Supply Clerk - John Stickler

Floating Custodian - Craig Mueller