Bowlesburg Elementary Has a New Track!

October 12, 2016

Bowlesburg Elementary has a new and exciting addition for the 2016-2017 school year.  Throughout the summer we had excavators, dump trucks, rollers and numerous other equipment take over the field at Bowlesburg Elementary.  The invasion of trucks worked together to create a walking track for Bowlesburg students, staff, and our community.  We are excited to have an eight foot wide, .20 mile track available for all of our students and staff to utilize throughout the school day. 

A before school walking club was formed once school resumed in August.  Students now have the opportunity to walk on the track once they arrive to school.  The Bobcat Stompers record their miles and receive “toe tokens” for all five mile accomplishments.  This is a great way to keep the kids active and energized for a day of learning.

September 6th was the first day of Girls on the Run, which is an after school running club.  Girls on the Run has formed a new chapter in the Quad Cities. Bowlesburg is the first Illinois school in the Quad Cities to become a part of this chapter.  The track will be utilized every Tuesday and Thursday after school for the running club.  We are preparing the girls physically and mentally for a 5k race in November.  All Girls on the Run participants will run in the Black Hawk Hustle 5k.  Come cheer us on!

It is exciting to see community members using the track on the weekends, staff walking the track after school, and students running the track during recess.  This track was made possible by generous community businesses, community members and our P.T.A.  A walk-a-thon was scheduled for September 15th and possibly a costume run in October.  Many individuals came together to form an amazing track that will benefit the entire community.  Thank you to all the wonderful supporters of Bowlesburg Elementary!